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The Dropped Techniques is a book authored by Claude Davis. This books talks of thorough preparation to face unpredicted situations and situation. You never know when the next tsunami end of the world apocalypse and even getting lost in the wilderness or in another form would strike again. In circumstances like this you might be caught off-guard but with all the help of the book be strongly prepared for what is to come over time. The guide informs and prepares its readers in regards to a number of techniques and methods to be employed in surviving the unknown circumstance.

The guide focuses on primary methods for survival. Each chapter teaches its readers on the importance of read and being prepared for the situations that could be life threatening. The author gives comprehensive yet useful info on how to train one self and also help their fellow survivors for unknown circumstances.

The site was set up to assist readers know about the guide more. Readers can find info and earn knowledge of the book from different perspective through its official site The survival guide by Claude Davis is actually one of the most thorough survival guides in the marketplace today. The guide gives a unique means of giving clarity about the unpredicted change that may happen anytime. One key message visitors can consider from this book is the idea of self-reliant.

Some of the topics that have been covered in the book are a substantial instruction in trapping different animals in order to have steady food supply, the method of storing clear water for years which was claimed to happen to be borrowed from the sailors of old, recipes for nutritious food and how you can store it to get a long time with no refrigerator, constructing underground safe houses as shelters during storm and tumultuous events, and saving ammunition supply so they can never run from bullets.

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